Broken Orthodontics

Today I want to go over something that happens to everyone at one time or another, mostly to kids because they are the primary users of Braces and orthodontics.

Most kids will go through a phase where their parents put them into braces when they’re adolescents.

These apparatus can break or become loose and I want you to understand that it’s not a medical emergency if they do break or shake loose.

If a wire breaks or sticks out of the brackets glued to your teeth, and it may be poking you in the cheeks, gums or tongue, you should probably do something about it. There is a product called “dental wax” which you can find at amazon, and you use it to cover the pointy piece that is damaging your tongue, gums or cheeks. You can also try to reposition the wire so that it isn’t stabbing you, but if you’re unable to do that you should just use the dental wax and wait for your next orthodontic visit, it is probably NOT necessary to visit an emergency dentist.

If you’re dealing with a loose bracket, or band, you can try to re attach the piece using dental wax as well. These loose pieces don’t pose a hazard to your health but they can be annoying and they can end up breaking if you don’t secure them. Remember to save any lost bands or brackets you have as well and take them to your next orthodontic visit.

We see a lot of kids in our office with broken or loose braces and we have to turn almost ALL of them away because we can’t do anything about it. We’re not orthodontists! You shouldn’t worry too much about having broken or loose braces, just call your orthodontist and schedule a visit as soon as you can and they will fix you right up.

Don’t waste your time visiting the emergency dentist!

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