My Dental Career

Welcome to my Blog.

First of all, I have written a little bit about myself in the about page, you can find here.

My name is David Harris and I’m a newly minted, University of Colorado Dental School graduate.

I’ve started a position at a Denver, Colorado dentists office and I’m not currently planning on naming the office that I work at, because I’m not sure I want them reading everything I write about here.

Emergency Dentistry is sort of my field at the moment, as that is what the office specializes in.

In dentistry, just like in everything else in life you’re going to have accidents. Sports accidents, car accidents, tripping and falling, biting into something wrong, you’re going to find yourself in a situation where you’ve hurt yourself inside your mouth, on your gums, cheek, teeth, tongue, somewhere in there. When this happens at night or on the weekends, you may end up seeing someone like me, an Emergency Dentist.

Topics on this page will not be limited to just dental emergencies, even though that is my current specialization. What I want to do is also talk about how dentistry changes as you age as well, and many other varieties of dentistry and orthodontics.

Briefly, some of the most common dental emergencies include:

  1. Toothaches
  2. Chipped and Broken Teeth
  3. Partially dislodged teeth.
  4. Knocked out teeth.
  5. Objects caught in the teeth.
  6. Lost Crown
  7. Lost Fillings.
  8. Abscess.
  9. Problems with orthodontics.

These issues can affect anyone, anytime. I will hopefully be able to spend some time talking about each of the issues and explaining a little more about how to deal with them, as well as showing you some videos and tutorials for what to do in different predicaments.